Have you got your Mules on?

You’ve probably thought a lot about your wedding shoes? Block heel, flat, peep toe or court… but when was the last time you considered a mule?

I was pondering this and realised that the term mule hasn’t come up in many of my customer enquiries  and it got me thinking. Why are they called mules? Are they on trend? Would they be a comfortable option for a bride on her wedding day?

Let's talk mules!

So it transpires that the word Mule originates from Ancient Rome in early 16th century Europe. The origins of the word are Latin and refer to a backless shoe. Later in the  16th to  19th century Mules were only worn as boudoir slippers and not worn outdoors. 

They continued to move in and out of favour over the centuries, but one thing is for sure… they have endured.

Love them or loathe them Glamour's and influential women have opted for  Mules from Queen Henrietta Maria in Manet’s 1863 painting ‘Olympia’, to Marilyn Monroe, Carrie Bradshaw and Beyoncé.

Today we see fashion houses such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik featuring mules in their collections  so you're keeping good company if you opt for a pair!

In Fact a 2020 Harpers Bazaar article highlighting the all time best bridal shoes of 2020 features no less than 8 designer mules. Whatever heel height, colour, material, you choose, choosing a mule is a fashionable, comfortable timeless choice for your wedding shoe. 


Here at Toes in Bows we too have Bridal shoe Mules. These beautiful handmade pieces have been designed by Award winning shoe designer Di Hassall. https://dianehassall.com/  She trained alongside Jimmy Choo and even exhibited her designs in the V&A Museum. 

Whether you choose the classic elegance of Jessica or the whimsical romance of Flutterby both shoes would deliver what mules have given to women over the centuries…. Femininity, sass, comfort, Iconism.

Jessica and Flutterby

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