So, where are you getting married?

Micro wedding, minimony or bijou. Whatever your preferred term, what are your thoughts on a small wedding?

Never before have so many couples had to consider their wedding options. COVID has forced a focus on the industry and thrown up many dilemmas such as curtailment, compromise, postponement or to continue in a different format...

One venue that has offered couples the chance of quick, intimate nuptials since 1754 is world famous Gretna Green. The facility grew with demand following A marriage act in England and Wales that prevented marriage to anybody under the age 21 without the consent of their parents. Since the Act couples have crossed the border to Scotland to fulfil their wedding dreams.

Currently at the time of wiring Gretna Green is closed until further notice, but the team there are working tirelessly to reopen when conditions are safe and help all future couples fulfil their nuptial dreams.

By writing this I’m hoping to explore the benefits and virtues of a Gretna wedding and explore the reality of what this choice would offer.  I am lucky enough to be interviewing the wonderful Heather 

She got married at Gretna and has a wealth of knowledge for us to tap into. What better way to find the answers to our questions than to hear a  first hand account!

When I think of Gretna Green I think of elopement, of love, perhaps love enduring against difficult Odds... maybe forbidden love?? What about you? Have you ever considered taking your vows at Gretna?

My first discovery when researching this blog was that Gretna is not one singular venue. There are a myriad of options available with varying occupancy capacities. Certainly the most famous venue of all  is Blacksmiths Shop and the famous Anvil wedding. For those who don't know what an Anvil is (and I was one of them) it is the large cast Iron block used in Blacksmith work. Gretna ceremonies have been held over the Anvil for centuries. 

If I was thinking about eloping and getting married with my beloved I’d want to know all the ins and outs. Where to stay? What are the costs involved? What was the atmosphere like? Would you do the same again? What type of dress is suitable? So without further ado … let's dial up Heather and shed some light.


That was fantastic and a lovely personal account of Heather's experience. Like every couple their wedding day is truly unique to them and after reflecting on this blog what's  been reaffirmed most is not the size of the wedding party, the dress or even the shoes! What is most important is sanctifying your love for one another.

Wedding packages start at Gretna from £490.00 with 2 guests and finish at approx £10,000 for up to 100 guests.  You will find all details at their website